Lesson One: Teaching Skills that Last a Lifetime

A Cultural Development Ecosystem for Success at School, Home and Community:

Providing solutions for our out of control culture.

Lesson One provides professional development that helps public, private and charter schools establish and design themselves for implementing a School Cultural Development Ecosystem

The ecosystem provides a process to help teachers, administrators, and parents seamlessly integrate initiatives including PBIS, Restorative Justice, common core, STEAM, and RtI.

We integrate social and academic skills through our evidence-based practice for mental health and have been recognized as a model by Harvard and at the White House.


Lesson One: the Book

The book has set the standard for social and academic learning and is the foundation for initiatives such as PBIS and Restorative Justice. Published by Simon and Schuster.


Leaders in Establishing a Cultural Development Ecosystem for Social and Academic Success

With each skill, a sequence of instruction is presented, whereby each skill is defined in terms students understand; experienced through a tangible, hands-on activity, and discussed as a universal skill for both children and adult.

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Two news stories about promoting mental health and social & academic and success. 

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Prevention of violence and bullying.
New Self Control Program Benefits Entire Classroom NBC Southern California 

NREPP - Download PDFLesson One dramatically increases test scores and decreases suspensions, office referrals and bullying.*

Nationally recognized by US Department of Health and Human Services as an evidence-based practice for Mental Health

* Schools working with Lesson One have reported up to an 80% reduction in suspensions and up to a 50% increase in standardized test scores.