National Recognition

The Lesson One Intervention has been recognized by the federal government as an evidence-based practice for mental health. For more information, see the National Registry of Evidence-Based Practices/Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration Website

Lesson One at the White House

Lesson One at the White House

Lesson One at the White House


Lesson One in the National News

Lesson One was twice featured by NBC in Los Angeles for its work promoting mental health in schools as a way to help prevent tragedies like those in Isla Vista, CA, Newtown, CT and others like it around the country and for its role in providing an ecosystem for social and academic success at school, home and community.

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Lesson One has been featured in countless television, radio and print news outlets including USA Today, Parade, Parents Magazine, World News Tonight, CNN,Dateline and BET Nightly News. From the Parade Article alone, Lesson One heard from over 6,000 people representing every state around the country. Click here to view the Parade Article.

Jon Oliver, Lesson One’s founder and director wrote the following article for National Bullying Prevention Month for the HowToLearn website: How to Foster a Safer Learning Environment and a Healthy School Community

The Boston Globe published an op-ed piece written by Jon Oliver of Lesson One and James Alan Fox of Northeastern University School of Criminal Justice. Click here to view Boston Globe Op-Ed Piece

Recommendations from Experts in the Field

In addition, the success of Lesson One has been recognized by the White House and has been commended by Alvin Poussaint, MD, of Harvard Medical School, Bill Modzeleski, of the US Department of Education’s Safe and Drug-Free Schools Program, Violence Prevention expert Deborah Prothrow-Stith, MD, Dr. Ed Hallowell, ADHD expert and James Fox, PhD., the Lipman Family Professor of Criminal Justice at Northeastern University.