Why it Works

Lesson One’s Theory of Change:

Providing a Cultural Development Ecosystem to help teachers, administrators, and parents seamlessly integrate initiatives including PBIS, Restorative Justice, common core, STEAM, and RtI.


  • Students’ GPAs and standardized test scores need improvement.
  • Students lack social skills such as self-control, responsibility and resiliency.
  • Students experience stress due to socio-economic conditions.


  • Combination of direct-service to students and intensive teacher training.
  • Utilization of experiential activities and discussion to teach social/emotional skills.
  • Teach stress reduction techniques to both teachers and children.
  • Train administrators to reinforce a positive school climate.
  • Counsel parents/guardians to incorporate Lesson One at home.


  • Students will internalize skills conducive to social, emotional and academic achievement.
  • The intervention will provide a consistency and will be adopted as a school-wide practice within all classrooms.
  • Students will remain focused on academic tasks and will calmly make transitions throughout the day.
  • Consistent social-emotional learning language will be incorporated throughout the school.
  • Social and emotional language will transfer from school to home and the community.


  • The intervention will become internalized as a natural part of the school culture.
  • GPAs, Standardized Test Scores, and AYP indictors will show improvement.
  • The rate of office referrals, suspensions, and expulsions will decrease.
  • Stress among both students and faculty will diminish.
  • Students’ time on task will improve.
  • The school will notice a reduction of verbal and physical altercations among students.
  • The whole school’s climate and culture will experience significant improvement.
  • Students will internalize healthy interpersonal skills conducive to successful community and societal citizenship.