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Lesson One: Teaching Skills that Last a Lifetime.

A Cultural Development Ecosystem for Success

at School, Home and Community.

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Lesson One has taken a quantum leap in developing solutions for today's out-of-control culture...We've gone from individual programs to a breakthrough approach for implementing a "School Cultural Development Ecosystem" that integrates social and academic skills.

Lesson One’s ABCs of Life is groundbreaking in that it doesn’t just teach skills—it defines them, simply and clearly, and then teaches them sequentially. Lesson One works with children, teachers, staff, parents and guardians, to create an environment where children learn to integrate skills from self-control to cooperation into their lives. With this breakthrough approach, we can change the course of our culture and help children and adults live happy, healthy and productive lives.

What Lesson One teaches is as critical to life as learning the ABCs and the 123s. These are skills children need for the rest of their lives, yet they often don’t even understand what these skills are. Expecting children to exercise self-control and take responsibility for their own actions without having these basic life skills is like asking them for a book report if they do not know how to read, or what two plus two is if they have never been taught to count.

The ABCs of Life are vital—every child deserves a chance to learn and internalize them. The future of our children and our culture depends on it.

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