School-Wide Modeling

Lesson One is one of the few interventions in the nation that provides this unique approach. Lesson One consultants can walk into any school for the first time on a Monday, and during the course of one week, can help create an exciting transformation in the school culture. School-Wide Modeling is specifically designed for pre-K to grade 12.

Lesson One Educational Consultants provide classroom modeling in every school classroom in order to share the intervention with all teachers and students. Through research and experience, Lesson One has discovered that working on-site with students and teachers is the most successful way of implementing the ecosystem into the school culture. By “modeling” the strategies and methods, participants can see how to implement Lesson One first-hand. In order to achieve this, Lesson One provides a comprehensive residency in your school to ensure the intervention is thoroughly presented to both students and staff.

The Lesson One residency begins with an experiential and activity oriented workshop that introduces the skills to the staff, while focusing on the Art of Teaching, which places an emphasis on the integration of knowledge, technique, effective communication, discipline, and creativity. The skills are then integrated into the school culture through a series of interactive games and activities. Lesson One provides schools with all of the tools and materials that they need to successfully integrate the ecosystem into the school culture. Manipulatives, literature, workbooks, and classroom discussions enable students to practice the skills in an enjoyable and memorable way.

Lesson One is implemented in up to five parts, depending on your school’s needs. Each part consists of a one-week visit to the school. Part One sets the foundation with the Pledge for Success, and the skills of self-control and Self-Control Time. Other parts focus on the skills of self-confidence, responsibility, thinking and problem-solving and cooperation. Each classroom receives five 30-40 minute visits from a Lesson One educational consultant, during which time the consultant will model how to incorporate the ecosystem into the classroom. Based upon discussions with your school’s staff, Lesson One Educational Consultants will customize the modeling to meet the unique and specific needs of your school. Lesson One consultants are always available to answer questions and discuss ideas.


  • Art of Teaching workshop offered on first day of Lesson One.
  • Lesson One Consultants spend the next 5 days modeling Lesson One skills in each classroom.
  • Lesson One consults with administrator at the end of each day.
  • Family Workshop for adults and children in the evening of the week Lesson One visits the school.
  • Unconditional Lifetime Support – To ensure future quality control, Lesson One is available indefinitely over the phone or e-mail at any time to answer any questions as part of our work with schools, homes and communities.

We look forward to working with you. Please contact us for a cost analysis.